See on tõesti väga kasulik veebileht.

About this site

This website provides support from the author and supplementary materials to the textbook E nagu Eesti. While the textbook is designed in such a way that it is clear, precise, and understandable on it’s own, however, this website provides five categories of additional materials, guidelines, and support that can also benefit the learner.


Thoughts and ideas about foreign language learning in general — based on my teaching experience, students’ feedback and my own background in learning several foreign languages.


Translations.  Translations of most dialogues, texts and poems in the first ten units. Use the translations for your primary understanding of content, words, and phrases.
Comments. Brief comments on the grammar covered in Keeletark pages, plus a few remarks about vocabulary and other issues in each unit.
Top 10 essentials. Here you can find a list of 10 most important phrases in each unit. This is the minimum you need to learn by heart before proceeding to the next unit.


A few popular Estonian songs with music and lyrics which are comprehensible even for beginners (except for Kaugel külas). It’s a good idea to start practicing now, so one day you can sing on our Song Festival.


Photos in several subgalleries – interesting sites, landscapes of Estonia and cultural aspects. There is also a selection covering my travels to faraway countries. The photos have captions in Estonian and English. This is a great tool for learning new vocabulary and grammar. If you feel tired or bored with the textbook and your studies, take time to relax, open a picture galley and enjoy the photos, read the captions and imagine yourself being in the spot. Cover the captions with a sticker and try to recall what was written there.


An interesting figurative expression, a proverb, or just a nice play on words. You can find 2-3 useful phrases every week, so you can choose yourself which one to learn in order to have 52 good phrases firmly in your head by the end of the year.

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