Self-evaluation checklist

This is a true/false checklist for evaluating your participation in any Estonian language course using the E nagu Eesti textbook. If you answer “false” to two or more of the statements, you probably haven’t gotten the maximum benefit for the money you paid for the course. But don’t worry – you can start improving your score today…


1. I’m able to ask the majority of the questions in NB! boxes in the textbook.

2. I know 80% of the words in the margins and the verbs in TS boxes.

3. I have written all the required essays.

4. I have corrected my mistakes underlined by my teacher and I have written the second “clean” version of each essay.

5. I can perform all my essays by heart.

6. I give answers with more than one or two words to the teacher’s questions.

7. I ask questions and initiate conversations in class.

8. I have learned at least three poems by heart during the course.

9. I always try to learn phrases, not single words.

10. My book is clean; I don’t write translations in the dialogues and texts.

11. I often review the previous units and check if I remember new expressions or words.

12. I don’t write answers to the exercises in the textbook.

13. I do complicated or important exercises several times.

14. I don’t use overly complex sentences in my speaking and writing.

15. I admit that in every language there are many structures, endings, etc. which cannot be easily explained. I don’t feel frustrated when confronted with this inevitable reality.

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