Tere, mina olen siil Sander. Ma olen abiõpetaja.


Dear New Students,

You have probably heard rumors about the Estonian language being complicated and a real headache to learn. Well, it depends. It depends on your motivation and the amount of time you can dedicate to your studies. It depends on your attitude towards language learning in general. It depends on how open your mind is to new learning techniques and methods.

One thing is certain – you need to have time and a relaxed mood to learn Estonian. If you are overwhelmed with life, impatient to have fast progress, afraid of making mistakes and think everything you utter has to be perfect, then believe me – there is not much hope you will learn to speak Estonian anytime soon.

I have taught Estonian for a hundred years and have had many students from all over the world. Some have been very motivated, some less, some have friends and relatives in Estonia, some have fallen in love with an Estonian and others have fallen in love with the country. There are two students, Paolo in Italy and Lucia in Spain, whose only link with Estonia was our famous Eurovision song Kuula… and who now speak fluent Estonian.

This website was designed to help all of you who are making your first steps on a long and winding road to learn more about this peculiar language and about this tiny Baltic country. If you’ve reached the point where you can no longer survive without knowing Estonian, now it’s definitely the right time to get started.

I wish you good luck with your new adventure!
Mall Pesti


Let me also introduce my assistant, the hedgehog
Sander – siil Sander. He is an expert in Estonian
grammar and will help you navigate through it
with ease and flow.
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